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What is the Scripting Tribe?

Weekly Sales Coaching

30-minute sales training session focused on script development, delivery, and technique.

Exclusive Community

Growth-minded script & accountability partners in our private group.

Weekly Motivation

We deliver that much needed motivation to start the week using the script and getting you into action.

Scripting Techniques

First 10 minutes are focused on how to use the script and the techniques behind it.

Exclusive Library

Premium Members have a library of great scripts at their disposal.

Access to an Elite Coach

You'll have open access to Mary-Anne Gillespie through the community.

The Who Behind the What

Mary-Anne Gillespie

Mary-Anne is the CEO of Red Apple Coaching and Consulting, the #1 Customized Business Coaching Company. Known as a trailblazer she created numerous coaching systems and programs and the first Hybrid Coaching Program in the Real Estate Industry, GameChanger.

With over 19000 Billable coaching hours she leads the industry in knowledge, skills, and experience and is often consulted for her ability to predict market trends. She has been published in Forbes, Inman, REM and is an author of the “Resilient Real Estate Women” book.

Known for her ability to bring businesses #1 in their fields and has been behind the most #1 Teams in Real-estate. With over 800 business owners experiencing average profits of $3 million and 50% annual growth rates she has shared the stages with Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, Arlene Dickenson and many more. In her free time when she's not studying Neurosciences, she surfs the world, spears fishes and rescues puppy mill dogs. In May 2021, she accomplished one of her biggest goals and became a full Ironman after transforming her life from 300lbs to Fit as Fu!K!

Having come from being homeless after losing her family, Mary-Anne is the true definition of a “Bad A$$ Business Woman” by truly living the mantra “Anything is Possible”!!

Scripting Tribe

Join 100’s of Realtors by investing in your skills

Get access to Scripting Tribe for one (1) full year

100+ Scripts Explained Already Available

4 new Scripts Added Every Month Uploaded Weekly

Script categories include:

  • Buyers
  • Holidays
  • Lead Generation
  • Listings
  • Open Houses
  • Coaching Your Team
  • Team Management
  • Referrals
  • Sellers
  • And more...

Do you have script ideas?

We welcome any script ideas you have and expect it to be uploaded in the library.


Matt Santagapita
CEO of The Santa Sells Houses Team


"The Scripting Tribe has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to continue to grow not only for me but for my team. Putting the systems in place that are helping our team has already begun to show great results. The biggest result I have seen is the mind set change that is taking place in my mind. Seeing myself as the CEO of my company has been a huge change for me and seeing the possibilities that we have before us as a team to grow is beyond exciting."



Is The Scripting Tribe Right For You?

Let’s be clear – The Scripting Tribe wasn’t made for everyone and yet we hope that everyone is able to get something positive from it. To see if The Scripting Tribe would be a fit for you, read below and make your decision:

Who This Is For:

  • You're currently lead generating.
  • You want to increase your lead generation activity.
  • You need or want additional accountability.
  • You're looking for a like-minded community to leverage.
  • You want to build your systems to support lead generation.
  • You need to to get to the next level in your career.
  • You need better scripts and dialogue
  • And understand how to deliver them at a higher level.

Who This Is NOT For:

  • You aren't lead generating at all.
  • You cannot image doing lead generation for business.
  • You cannot stand accountability.
  • You are a lone wolf and think you can make it on your own.
  • You don't believe in proven systems.
  • You're comfortable where you are & don't want to level up.
  • You don't think scripts are important & wouldn't use them.
  • You think role playing is only for new agents.

Join 100’s of Realtors by investing in your skills

Scripting Tribe

$299 USD + HST Every Year

Annual Subscription

  • Get access to Scripting Tribe for one (1) full year

  • 100+ Scripts Explained Already Available

  • 4 new Scripts Added Every Month Uploaded Weekly


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