Terms & Conditions

Game Changer Terms & Conditions:

Participant agrees that payment in full will be charged. Participant acknowledges and agrees that his/her coaching will begin on the date indicated and will continue for the number of sessions prescribed therein. Participant is committing to a contract with Red Apple Coaching by registering for this course, a covenant commitment. Participant will be charged for all calls. Participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that calls may be recorded by Red Apple Coaching or on behalf of Red Apple Coaching for training and quality purposes.

Participant acknowledges and agrees that only the Participant can listen to, participate in, and receive the coaching calls pursuant to this contract and that only Participant can use the materials provided by Red Apple Coaching in connection with this contract.

If Participant allows anyone else to listen to or observe Participant's coaching calls or use the materials provided by Red Apple Coaching to Participant, Red Apple Coaching has the right to cancel this contract and suspend all future coaching calls without providing participants a refund. The recording and/or distribution of any recording of any coaching calls, in whole or in part, captured by any electronic process by any individual is strictly prohibited and shall be considered a direct violation of the terms of this contract. Red Apple Coaching reserves the right to refuse future coaching services to anyone who has violated the terms of this contract.

For one-time payment Game Changer Coaching Programs there are no holds, refunds or cancellations.

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